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Our Story

Oh My Cow! is a concept born out of a culmination of travel experiences fuelled by wanderlust. Coupled with manual pressed coffee and Singapore's first Nutella tap, we are an ice-cream cafe located at Marina Square for all ages.

From perennial favourite classic flavours to more inventive renditions, Oh My Cow! offers an enticing range of quality homemade ice cream inspired by flavours from all over the world.Favourites include eight classic options for all-ages such as Ribena Sorbet – a comforting pick with the familiar blackcurrant taste, Cookies and Cream as well as After Eight.

You also have the rich and deeply-aromatic Roasted Black Sesame and Matcha Madness – a crunchy Kit-Kat-studded number inspired by the popular J-combo. Premium flavours include concotions such as the Dark Chocolate Sorbet and Passionfruit Mango Sorbet as well as more inventive ones like the Toasted White Chocolate and Soya Bean with Dough Fritters.

Jason Lee
Founder • CEO
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